The Open Mainframe Project has announced that after six months of development Zowe is now production ready. Zowe is an open-source mainframe framework that strengthens integrations with modern enterprise applications.

By providing interoperability and offering new web technologies, Zowe is designed to enable developers to use familiar open-source tools to access mainframe resources and services.

“With the ever-increasing deployment of hybrid architectures, mainframes need to manage a bigger volume, variety and velocity of data and transactions. OMP is dedicated to modernizing the platform for mission critical apps and blockchain – where fast data access, transactional scale, and the highest level of trust are required. The Zowe framework is part of this mission as it will enable an ecosystem of software solutions,” the Open Mainframe Project wrote in an announcement.

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Zowe 1.0 includes core technologies for enabling modern interfaces for web applications on z/OS, a new command line interface, and expansion of REST API capabilities. According to the Open Mainframe Project, these new features will make the z/OS environment more “cloud-like” and will improve integration with hybrid environments.

Specific new features highlighted in this release include functional extensions and integrations between third party products, updated documentation, new pre-install scripts, and a Zowe API Mediation Layer.

“Mainframes are the foundation of businesses in every industry,” said John Mertic, director of program management for the Linux Foundation and Open Mainframe Project. “Zowe breathes new life into mainframes and offers innovative possibilities for next generation applications. With Zowe 1.0, we’re developing secure, reliable and scalable computing that will ensure sustainability of mainframes for many years to come.”

In addition, Zowe earned the Core Infrastructure Initiative’s best practice badge, which represents its ability and conformance to provide secure software development and governance in open source.