To help automate more phases of the software development life cycle, test-tool maker Parasoft is offering Parasoft Test, which helps integrate the company’s individual standalone test products into a developer’s IDE.

With Parasoft Test working with the IDE, explained Wayne Ariola, the company’s vice president of strategy, developers have access to static code analysis, code metrics, code review, runtime error messaging, auto-generated unit testing, functional testing, load testing, and more, using results generated from Parasoft’s individual test tools.

Parasoft Test also lets managers set expectations for how their developers will use automated testing, Ariola said, “which results in more uniform usage and delivers more predictability in the software development life cycle.”

For example, a development manager may require a newly hired employee to have peer code review prior to checking code in, along with a test case written for every task he or she executes, Ariola explained. Parasoft Test will remind users about that policy, and enforce it when necessary.

Parasoft also updated its functional and load test software, SOAtest, and its best practices testing solution, Jtest. SOAtest 9 can now test incomplete or inaccessible applications. Jtest 9 can detect runtime errors during unit and application-level testing, and has new capabilities for coverage tracking, GUI testing, and data flow analysis.