Prefect Technologies Inc., the global leader in dataflow automation, today announced the acquisition of SLATE Data, the premier data engineering consultancy.

SLATE Data brings a wealth of data engineering resources that represents the highest concentration of Prefect experts outside of Prefect itself. The acquisition brings Prefect’s growing team to a headcount of 45, a 138% increase from the start of the year.

The SLATE team will be focused on ensuring the success of Prefect’s users, developing first-class Cloud support and professional services offerings that will ensure Prefect customers gain the most from their workflow investment.

“Prefect was founded with the mission to help data engineers and data scientists eliminate negative engineering by delivering a world-class orchestration tool for today’s modern data stack,” said Jeremiah Lowin, Founder & CEO of Prefect. “With today’s acquisition of SLATE, we are furthering that mission by ensuring that our customer experience scales as well as our product.”

The relationship between the two companies first started when SLATE became an early adopter of Prefect’s technologies, growing its expertise and skills.

“After having worked in lockstep with Prefect for years, we at SLATE are excited to join a company whose values match our own,” said Anthony Head, CEO of SLATE. “Together, we will combine to deliver the next generation of workflow orchestration tools focused on eliminating negative engineering so developers can build and grow their stacks to deliver high business value.”