ModelRight, Inc., a leading provider of the most affordable, clean and modern interfaces in data modeling today, has released version 3.6 of its flagship product ModelRight.  With this new release ModelRight adds unique capabilities for the most fundamental design environment functions:  diagramming, search and explore, and organization of your data model.

ModelRight 3.6 combines more flexibility for your diagrams display, more organizational framework for your model subsets, model explorer and revision history features and easier access to common searches within your model via ModelRight’s search and find feature.  All of these new features save time and allows for rapid and reliable development of data models.   “We’ve always been a very-customer focused company and listen and care about our customers’ requests – that’s what prompted us to develop ModelRight 3.6.  Our customers needed more flexibility and automation for primary design functions, but still wanted us to keep the design clean and clutter-free.  So that’s what we gave them.  We continually add and tweak the features that have made us unique in the market”, stated Tim Guinther, President and Founder, ModelRight, Inc.

ModelRight 3.6 Features Include:

   – Diagramming Improvements — The most fundamental aspect of database design is the diagram.   ModelRight 3.6 provides unprecedented levels of control and flexibility when it comes to your diagram’s display.  With a wealth of new and useful display options, display and edit any kind of object or property on the diagram. Simply select the types of objects and their properties that you want to include in your diagram.

   – Model Subset Improvements — Model subsets provide a basic organizational framework for your model allowing your model to be broken into more manageable pieces of related tables and views. Specify a filtering condition and ModelRight 3.6 will automatically add and remove objects based on that condition – saving the error-prone and time-consuming effort of having to do it manually.

   – Model Explorer Improvements — The model explorer gives you a tree/folder oriented perspective into your model that is compact and complete.  ModelRight automatically creates explorer lists for all of your top-level database objects like tables, views, etc.  Now with ModelRight 3.6 you can create your own folders and lists.  A list can be of a top-level object type like tables or of a secondary-level (or tertiary, etc) type of object like key constraint (secondary because it’s always owned by a table).  At each level, you can either include all objects or restrict the included objects by specifying a “filter” – some condition/criteria that needs to be satisfied for inclusion.  ModelRight 3.6 will then automatically add/remove objects from the list depending on whether or not they satisfy the filter condition.

   – Search and Find – ModelRight 3.6 is the only product to offer such a basic feature with all the flexibility you need to find any kind of object that matches your search criteria.  ModelRight has always had a find capability to help with this, but now ModelRight 3.6 provides a search control right in the toolbar for even easier access to common searches.

   – Revision History — ModelRight 3.6 adds the capability to maintain a list of revision notes on any object – to document the changes to the object over time.  ModelRight 3.6 also provides the capability to automatically add a revision note whenever an object changes.

   – UML Notation — UML class diagram notation has been added as one of the model notation options.

The cost of ModelRight ranges from $295(US) – $895(US) per seat license.  ModelRight supports Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, DB2, PostgreSQL and Access. For further information please visit