Today’s DevOps crowd understands the value of the cloud. What they need is a painless way to take advantage of all it has to offer. That’s why ProfitBricks, the leading provider of painless cloud infrastructure, has focused on building the SDKs DevOps teams need to be successful, and today added to that list with Go and Java language support. This further augments the cloud IaaS provider’s initiative to empower the DevOps community and achieve painless cloud migrations and management for all users.

Go, or ‘golang’ as it is commonly referred to, is an open source programming language developed at Google in 2007. It is an expressive, concurrent, garbage-collected programming language making it easy to build simple, reliable and efficient software. Java is one of the most popular programming languages in the world, thanks to its ability to run anywhere, regardless of hardware and software dependency.

“The new SDKs for Go and Java are yet another addition to our growing support for our DevOps community,” said Achim Weiss, Co-founder and CEO of ProfitBricks. “Since the launch of ProfitBricks’ DevOps Central, the productivity of the DevOps community remains a top priority for our development team. We’ve built a strong foundation for our DevOps Central users, and intend on continuing this momentum as the year progresses.”

ProfitBricks launched its DevOps Central community in April 2015, and has since released its REST API along with support for a number of multi-cloud libraries and SDKs for Python, Ruby, .NET and Node.js.

“ProfitBricks’ development team is committed to creating the most comprehensive support possible for its users,” added Matt Baldwin, head architect at ProfitBricks. “Go is becoming widely adopted as the go-to language for new startups building tools and solutions within the Docker container space. Java is the most dominant language in the enterprise, and with the Java SDK, it can now leverage all features and functions of the ProfitBricks REST API. Altogether, this is an important move for us as we continue doing our part in supporting the DevOps community.”

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