QASymphony, the developer of qTrace, an intelligent defect documentation Quality Assurance tool that helps testers create detailed and informative defect records, today announced a reseller agreement and tools integration with FogBugz, a popular defect tracking system developed by Fog Creek Software. Fog Creek will market the qTrace tool to its community of users at a special discount.
More powerful than using simple screenshot or video for documenting defects, qTrace records all steps, screens, and system information associated with a defect. Early users found it cuts defect reporting time by 30-50% and decreases fix time by 10-30%.
New York City-based Fog Creek offers a bug tracking system called FogBugz, which tracks bugs, issues, and customer support tickets through every stage of the development process and is used successfully by more than 20,000 software developer teams.
In a matter of minutes, a user can be up and running with qTrace and seamlessly integrated with FogBugz. 
The FogBugz platform makes for an ideal integration with qTrace because of its ability to not only track bugs, but to manage projects with issue tracking, scheduling, advanced project management and customer support features such as email routing and discussion groups.
“Upon first using qTrace it became immediately apparent that it would fill a need that no other defect capture product we had found has filled, and it does so in an easy-to-use, intuitive way,” said Sam Vanderpol, Director of QA at Fog Creek Software. “We were excited when qTrace decided to build a tight integration with FogBugz, so our customers could get the same benefits we were seeing.”
QASymphony also announced version 2.5 of its popular qTrace tool for testers and software developers. qTrace expedites the QA process, helping software development teams bring products to market by as much as 20% faster and reducing defect reporting time by about 70%.
qTrace 2.5 complements its existing capabilities by adding four different single screen capture modes, eliminating the need for  the “PrintScreen button” and other screen capture software.
Newly released to the market in Feb of 2012, qTrace has created a new category of screen capture.  qTrace not only captures images of software screens, but also the user’s actions such as mouse clicks and entered text.  By leveraging the screen images and generated text narration, a tester can describe and submit software defects in full detail quickly and easily.
Since its release, qTrace has been well received by the testing community and has quickly responded to feedback by adding enhancements to the tool.
“Our goal is to make qTrace the only screen capture tool needed by testers,” says Vu Lam, CEO of QASymphony. “We’ve tackled the tough part, which is creating a tool with the intelligence to document long complex defects.  But we’ve heard our users say that for simple cases, one screenshot is enough. We’ve now tuned qTrace to have robust functions in the capture of a single screenshot, so qTrace is the only tool needed to document simple and complex defects.  We’re also adding some other goodies that I’m sure our fans will appreciate!”