Hosting provider Rackspace has begun to host Microsoft SharePoint, giving Rackspace’s suite of cloud applications enterprise-level collaboration and storage with the full power of SharePoint behind it.

Rackspace’s solution offers administrators the ability to instantiate SharePoint, control users and access, and create SharePoint sites. Further, Rackspace provides a single point of management for the company’s Email & Apps suite of applications, which includes Microsoft Exchange, Rackspace Email, Email Archiving, and Rackspace Cloud Drive and Server Backup, according to the company.

“With SharePoint, Rackspace is offering businesses the most powerful file-sharing and collaboration software on the market today,” said Pat Matthews, general manager of Rackspace Email & Apps. “With our cloud delivery model, businesses can take advantage of all the power Microsoft SharePoint has to offer without the hassle of having to manage the software in-house.”

Rackspace also offers Dedicated SharePoint for customers who want more customization or control. Dedicated SharePoint is a single-tenant solution, supported by a team of certified Rackspace SharePoint engineers who design, deploy, customize and fully manage the solution.