Rally®, the leader in Agile application lifecycle management (ALM), elevates Kanban practices from individual teams to support decision-making across the entire business. The industry’s first ALM Portfolio Kanban Board enables businesses to quickly visualize and manage the current state of all development investments. In addition, an entirely new standard of Kanban metrics challenges existing methods, like control charts and statistical process controls, offering an accurate alternative for enabling business-level decision-making.

“Rally’s Portfolio Kanban Board is accelerating our time to market,” said Christophe Louvion, CTO of CityGrid Media. “Unless the business manages the influx of initiatives, development capacity is still negatively affected by working on too many things. By visualizing business initiatives in a Portfolio Kanban, we can better direct development efforts toward what matters most to our business.”

Unveiled this week at the 2012 Lean Software & Systems Conference, new and enhanced Kanban features include:
• New Portfolio-level Kanban offers the business rollup access to visualize and manage development investments
• New leading-edge Kanban metrics replaces existing control charts, delivering a 25% increase in accuracy and reducing business decision-making risk
• All Rally Kanban boards support project rollup views allowing users to view Kanban boards for single teams or across the entire organization
• Portfolio and Team Kanban Boards can now be integrated into powerful custom views, creating the perfect dashboard that combines board, chart, and grid panels

“Since adding support for Kanban, over a third of our customers have taken advantage of this exciting process to give their team a new way of managing their work,” said Todd Olson, VP of Products at Rally. “Now, we can uniquely scale Kanban beyond individual teams so entire organizations can focus on value, visualize flow, and minimize waste.”

New and enhanced Kanban features are available in Rally Enterprise and Rally Unlimited editions. Starting at $35/user/month, Rally Enterprise Edition is ideal for coordinating multi-team programs with support for shared product backlogs. Rally Unlimited Edition, available for $49/user/month, scales to become an entire organization’s system of record for status, progress and quality. For detailed product capabilities, see Rally’s Edition Comparison guide.