Copado, the low-code DevOps company, today launched a new DevSecOps training module in order to make software releases faster and more secure. The module is currently available in the Copado Community.

“Without DevSecOps best practices, software releases can be plagued with quality and security issues, costing more time and money post-production to correct them,” said Pat McQueen, senior vice president of customer success & global services at Copado. “To address this growing need for DevSecOps skill sets, Copado is offering self-paced online training to upskill DevOps professionals, administrators, developers and architects. Our community can help jumpstart a new career path or level up your current path by unlocking your full potential.”

According to the company, this new module is designed with the intention of shortening release cycles and making them more secure and resilient. 

It works to explain how to integrate compliance, security, and testing in a DevOps pipeline as to avoid cybersecurity architects manually maintaining the security consoles and additional configurations in the application.

Additionally, the module emphasizes the importance of security and compliance for an organization, identifies DevSecOps best practices, and explains how to build a successful DevSecOps strategy and culture. 

“DevOps and DevSecOps are extremely fractured markets when it comes to tools: there are literally thousands of products that are involved in building resilient pipelines,” said Daniel Riedel, senior vice president of strategic services for Copado. “As the industry matures, value stream management will help bring observability to the process. Creating an interoperability standard now will ensure that organizations can rely on cohesiveness in tool integration. Interoperability will provide the transparency to ensure a stronger, more resilient infrastructure for customers and employees.”

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