Google is making passkeys more accessible by offering them as the default option for authentication across personal Google Accounts.

In the future, when you log in to your account, users will be prompted to create and use passkeys for easier sign-ins. Additionally, the “Skip password when possible” option in Google Account settings will be enabled.

Passkeys offer a convenient and faster way to log in using methods like fingerprints, face scans, or pins. They are 40% quicker than traditional passwords and boast enhanced security due to advanced cryptography, according to Google in a blog post. They also alleviate the burden of remembering complex passwords and are more resistant to phishing attacks.

While they represent a significant advancement, the transition to new technologies takes time. Consequently, individuals will still have the choice to use passwords for login and can disable the “Skip password when possible” feature to opt out of passkeys. 

Google introduced passkey support earlier this year, and since then, they have seen positive usage trends on popular apps such as YouTube, Search, and Maps. The company is particularly pleased with the increasing adoption of passkeys in the industry. Notably, companies like Uber and eBay have integrated passkeys, providing users with the choice to forgo traditional passwords during login. Furthermore, WhatsApp is set to join the list of platforms compatible with passkeys in the near future.

Google stated it will keep users updated on where else they can start using passkeys across other online accounts as they appear.