Sencha, the leading provider of HTML5 application development tools, has launched Sencha Complete: Team, a suite of tools and technologies that fully equips development teams to build powerful, HTML5-based business apps for all mobile and desktop environments. Sencha has also released the all-new Sencha Eclipse Plug-in, which significantly accelerates developer productivity; and the Sencha Desktop Packager, a runtime technology that allows developers to package HTML5 code to run as rich apps on Windows and Mac OS X.

Sencha Complete: Team is designed specifically for development teams that build multi-platform, multi-device business apps. It combines Sencha’s market-leading frameworks —Ext JS and Sencha Touch— with visual app development tool Sencha Architect, bundles in the Mobile Packager and new Desktop Packager, and further expands functionality with the new Sencha Eclipse Plug-in for Ext JS and advanced data connectors for SOAP/WSDL and AMF data sources. It also includes business-class support, which includes advanced services such as remote troubleshooting, early access to custom bug fixes, telephone support, and performance assessments.

“Companies are actively seeking ways to build rich, user-friendly apps and deliver them to their employees and customers, regardless of what device they bring,” said Aditya Bansod, VP of product marketing at Sencha. “Sencha Complete: Team is our most comprehensive offering yet for these developers. It gives enterprise development teams access to the best combination of technology, tools and support that we offer, so they can build and deploy large, complex applications that address their most demanding use-cases.”

“As employees increasingly bring their own devices to work, it’s become critical for enterprises to leverage cross-platform web technologies like JavaScript for application delivery,” said Stephen O’Grady, principal analyst at RedMonk. “With Sencha Complete: Team, Sencha is looking to satisfy these needs, packaging new JavaScript technologies and making it easier to build business-ready applications with the trusted Eclipse platform.”

Highlights of Sencha Complete: Team
■ BYOD application development made easy. Sencha Complete: Team enables teams to build rich, fully capable apps using open Web technologies and a single code base, then “package” them to run on practically any device or computer, including Apple iPhone and iPad, Android devices, Windows and Mac OS X desktops, and more.
■ Built-in Eclipse compatibility. Beta testers report that the new Eclipse Plug-in improves Ext JS developer productivity by as much as 32 percent, thanks to features like rich code completion, error correction, and support for Eclipse-based team collaboration. Building upon the open-source VJET project, the new Eclipse Plug-in is designed specifically for Ext JS, and makes it much easier to build complex applications in large and distributed team environments.
■ The industry’s most advanced JavaScript frameworks. The Ext JS cross-browser framework brings high-performance UI widgets and rich data management libraries to desktop app development. Sencha Touch, the industry’s first HTML5 mobile app framework, enables developers to build rich, mobile web apps and provides access to powerful HTML5 technologies such as geolocation, localStorage, and CSS3.
■ The ultimate HTML5 visual app builder. Sencha Architect, included as part of the suite, enables development teams to quickly scaffold and build applications visually. Then, using the Sencha Eclipse Plug-in, developers familiar with Eclipse can take advantage of the rich code complete and code intelligence tools as they edit their code. Using Architect and the Eclipse Plug-in, teams can collaborate more effectively on complex projects.
■ Broad back-end connectivity. Recognizing that many businesses have applications built on infrastructure powered by Adobe, IBM, Microsoft, and other solutions, Sencha Complete: Team includes new technology that makes it easy to connect to these data sources when building new JavaScript applications. Instead of handwriting XML parsing code or binary data transformations, developers can use new connectors for SOAP (including WSDL support) and AMF, directly from Ext JS.
■ Sencha Desktop Packaging. Sencha’s multi-target Desktop Packager technology enables enterprise applications to be packaged in a hybrid application runtime, with native API access and the performance of full desktop applications. The Packager technology, based on Chromium, means developers can use Web technologies to build their apps, while ensuring that users on any computer—Mac or Windows—are delivered a first-class app experience, with no dependency on browsers. (The new Desktop Packager complements the existing Sencha Mobile Packager, which allows Web apps to run as native iOS or Android apps, and is also part of Sencha Complete: Team.)
■ Team Licensing. Designed specifically for Sencha Complete: Team customers, this streamlined licensing plan simplifies the purchasing process for enterprises by offering a limited indemnity as a standard component of the license.

Availability: Sencha Complete: Team is available today for $2,195. 
To learn more about the technologies and support programs included in Sencha Complete Team, visit and read today’s blog post.