SmartBear today is releasing two free software tools in the hopes of getting more users introduced to the functionality.

The two free tools—DevPlanner for project management and QAPlanner for test management—can be used by up to 10 people for one project, according to the company. QAPlanner has free integration with SmartBear’s TestComplete, an automated testing tool, which enables users to schedule automated tests, and provides analysis via reports and dashboards. DevPlanner provides logs and rich dashboard elements such as burndown charts, plan velocity and resource availability.

Additionally, SmartBear has created three other tools: DevComplete, QAComplete and ALMComplete. These are enterprise-grade, revenue-generating tools, according to the company. All five of the tools were spawned from SoftwarePlanner, the ALM tool acquired earlier this year when SmartBear merged with Pragmatic Software.

DevComplete is a project management, requirements management and defect-tracking solution, in which project managers can create project plans, break down requirements into tasks and deliverables, track progress, and do burndowns. Teams can use the Web-based UI to track the status of the project daily, organize and track requirements, and link defects back to the original requirement, the company said.

QAComplete can be used to prioritize test functions, reuse test libraries and control test execution through all phases of development. ALMComplete is the full SoftwarePlanner tool for teams that need the wide functionality of an ALM suite.

“Our new, free on-demand tools…will introduce some of our most popular applications to a much larger audience,” said Joe Krivickas, CEO of SmartBear. “We are laser-focused on the needs of development and QA teams.”