SOA Software, an API Management and SOA Governance leader that powers the API economy, today announced the debut of the SOA Software Datacenter API Platform.  The Datacenter API Platform adds flexibility and efficiency to the “software-defined datacenter” (SDDC), which decouples datacenter resources such as compute, storage and networking from underlying hardware and transforms them into dynamic, software-based services.  With its proven API management technology, the SOA Software Datacenter API Platform abstracts datacenter resources from applications and enables resource management through a consistent API mechanism regardless of hardware specification or the idiosyncrasies of vendor-specific APIs.

With the advent of new standards in the datacenter, what used to be a hardware-only conversation is suddenly all about software connectivity – an area where we’ve had a lot of impact and success with large enterprises”, said Alistair Farquharson, CTO of SOA Software. “We’re very excited about this opportunity. he SOA Software Datacenter API platform provides agility and speed within enterprise datacenters by enabling applications to be quickly and transparently provisioned, moved and scaled as business requirements require across network segments, across datacenters and potentially into the cloud without re-architecting the network.”

The Datacenter API Platform lets developers and administrators tap into datacenter resources through APIs exposed by their respective software based controllers. Datacenter APIs are becoming more common as software standards for infrastructure, such as OpenStack and Openflow, grow in popularity. Until now, though, every vendor or standard has its own flavor of infrastructure API.  In addition, not all data center APIs are available with security capabilities that fit enterprise requirements.

The Data Center API Platform solves these challenges by creating an API-driven, software-defined data center with a consistent API management mechanism.  Users can decouple and manage resources as secured APIs.  Based on SOA Software’s extensive experience in API management on the software side of the enterprise, it offers a control interface for data center resources:
• Secure connection between applications and infrastructure through policy definition and enforcement.
• Open, many-to-many resource integration through message protocol transformation.
• Infrastructure flexibility that avoids vendor lock-in.
• Foundation for cloud-native applications that are aware of and can control their own environments through APIs that allow applications to dynamically provision and de-provision resources based on projected levels of demand.