Fermyon Technologies, the serverless WebAssembly company that was spun out of Microsoft Azure’s Deis Lab team, today announced a major new release of its serverless functions framework based on WebAssembly, Spin 1.0.

According to the company, Spin 1.0 was released in an effort to meet the needs of modern, full-stack developers, and offers support for SQL databases, NoSQL key/value storage, OCI registry support as well as other popular languages. 

With a serverless API, such as AWS Lambda and Azure Functions, Spin applications are made easier to build and easier to deploy. Additionally, Spin has already been integrated into Microsoft’s cloud offerings, with other software vendors working to integrate in the future.

“Cloud native development has been slow and tedious for developers. Fermyon wants to reverse that trend. We want to make serverless apps fast. Fast to develop, fast to deploy and fast to run. With Spin, a developer can go from blinking cursor to deployed application in 66 seconds.The open source ecosystem gathering around Spin is propelled forward by WebAssembly, the underlying technology. Spin 1.0 is the culmination of a year’s development, and we could not have reached this milestone without the enthusiasm, contributions, and support of this rapidly expanding community,” said Matt Butcher, co-founder and CEO of Fermyon.

Key features of this release include key-value store, PostgreSQL, and Redis integration to enable stateful applications; support for the OCI Registry standard to offer users standard packaging alongside Docker images; and support for JavaScript/TypeScript, Python, Rust, Go, Java, and .NET.

Furthermore, command stability improvements have been made to provide a better developer experience, extensibility has been improved to support an expanded application scope, and it offers end-to-end testing so developers can be sure their code is complete and stable.

To learn more, click here to secure a ticket to join WASM I/O 2023 tomorrow, where Spin 1.0 will be demoed.