At today’s fifth annual Kong Summit 2022 conference, the cloud natuve API organization, Kong, unveiled several new performance, security, and extensibility capabilities across the entirety of its product portfolio.

Among these updates are major new releases of Kong Gateway, Kong Konnect, Kong Mesh, Kong Insomnia, and Kong Ingress Controller, and multiple new projects from the Kong Incubator. 

According to the company, it has also strengthened its partner ecosystem through deeper partnerships with companies such as Red Hat and AWS.

“APIs are no longer the simple building blocks of yesterday; they’re becoming the smart neural network of today’s cloud,” said Augusto Marietti, CEO and co-founder of Kong Inc. “Organizations of the future are software-enabled, data-driven and secure from cyberattacks – and APIs are the common language to achieve all three. To accomplish this, businesses need an effective API-first strategy to build a ‘cloud nervous system.’ That’s where Kong comes in with our end-to-end API platform.”

With these new product releases, users gain higher performance, increased flexibility, and stronger security.

These enhancements are intended to help businesses modernize their API strategies in order to deliver improved customer experiences.

 “Kong’s product strategy is very much in line with what I’m hearing from enterprise organizations and what they are looking for from their vendors,” said Paul Nashawaty, senior analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group. “Buyers want to know they can trust their vendors to provide features that are easy to implement. These new product feature updates and releases from Kong provide capabilities allowing developer teams to solve problems and think of innovative solutions across every environment, platform, deployment pattern and protocol – all with the peace of mind that there are guardrails to stop them from heading in the wrong direction.”

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