The global customer relationship management (CRM) company, Salesforce, today announced that Genie Customer Data Cloud, the CRM data cloud, is now powered by Tableau. With this, businesses are enabled to better understand and unlock important user data as well as deliver actionable insights at scale, in real time. 

According to Salesforce, this allows any customer to analyze a large amount of data points stored and harmonized in Genie using Tableau. They can then visualize, explore, and automate insights and securely take action. 

Additionally, Genie’s native integration with Tableau also works to lower warehousing costs, increase time to insight, and enable better decision making by bringing together data and analytics in one place. 

“Every company needs to be a customer company, but customer expectations are changing in real time and companies need real-time data and timely actionable insights. Genie Customer Data Cloud is revolutionary because it is the first platform that can deliver real-time personalized customer engagement across every sales, service, marketing, commerce, and IT touchpoint,” said Steve Fisher, EVP and GM of Next Gen CRM and Unified Data Services at Salesforce. “Now, powered by Tableau, Genie Customer Data Cloud enables companies to securely visualize, explore, and act on their data about every customer, in real-time, on the right channel, at scale. This is only the beginning of what’s possible as we build more native automation, intelligent, and real-time integrations deeper into the platform.”

Salesforce has also announced new Salesforce and Slack productivity solutions geared at assisting organizations as they try to grow revenue while also saving costs. 

With this, a Sales Productivity Bundle that is intended to help users automate work in order to drive growth and offer sales teams a consistent way to operate as a team is now available. 

Lastly, the company announced Automate ESG Reporting, to help organizations meet the growing demand of shareholders for environmental, social, and governance transparency.