The Apache Software Foundation has announced the release of Apache Brooklyn 1.0. Apache Brooklyn is an open-source framework for modeling, monitoring, and managing applications. 

“I am excited to see the 1.0 release of Apache Brooklyn,” said Geoff Macartney, vice president of Apache Brooklyn. “This reflects the maturity and stability that Brooklyn has reached after nearly five years as a Top-Level Apache project.”

The tool provides a REST API and GUI for managing provisioning and deployment, monitoring application health, understanding the dependencies between components, and applying policies for managing applications. 

According to the team, highlights of Apache Brooklyn 1.0 include support for public and private clouds, a user-friendly UI, REST API and CLI tools, a stable blueprint language and API, and “batteries included” entities and policies that cover clusters, auto-scaling, replacing unhealthy components, and more. 

“Apache Brooklyn has been in use for some time in production environments,” said Richard Downer, Apache Brooklyn 1.0 release manager. “I’m delighted we can now announce our 1.0 release. Everyone should feel confident building on and deploying Apache Brooklyn 1.0 and know that the Brooklyn Project Management Committee has prioritised the long-term stability of Brooklyn.”