Atlassian today announced product enhancements and rebranding at its 2019 Summit in Las Vegas.

AgileCraft, the agile project management company that Atlassian acquired last month, is being rebranded as Jira Align, with the goal of bringing together AgileCraft’s agile-at-scale solution with Jira so no matter where users are on their Agile path, they can benefit from using Jira in their development.

The company also has updated Opsgenie, the incident management solution it acquired in September, with new features, including a new incident timeline for tracking key events and response activities and post-mortems that help teams find root causes, track efforts to remediate issues and to learn from those incidents.

Also new to Opsgenie is a new interface that’s aligned with other Atlassian products so users can easily work across Bitbucket, Jira and Jira Service Desk, using the same Atlassian identity system. A direct integration with Jira allows incidents to automatically trigger Jira tickets.

Atlassian’s Confluence Cloud collaboration software also has been updated, with features for creating visuals, better-organized content, new analytics powered by Atlassian’s acquisition today of Good Software, which created the Analytics for Confluence add-in.

Finally, Atlassian announced performance and infrastructure to Atlassian Data Center resulting from updated platform releases Jira Software 8.0, Confluence 7.0, Bitbucket 6.0, Jira Service Desk 4.o and Portfolio 3.0. As an example, improved in Jira Software 8.0 made advanced Jira Query Language searches 31 percent faster and re-indexing 71 percent fast, the company stated in its announcement.