The Atlassian Summit is taking place this week in Las Vegas. Atlassian is using the event to make a lot of announcements regarding its own solutions, but a number of other companies are also using the event to discuss new solutions and integrations with Atlassian products.

SmartBear announces integrations with the Atlassian ecosystem
SmartBear is working to integrate its testing portfolio into the Atlassian ecosystem with tools like Jira, Bitbucket, and Confluence. The company hopes to provide Atlassian users with a native Jira experience throughout the development process. The new integrations will enable test automation across UI, API, and data layers.

The company also added a new Living Documentation Jira plug-in, which will allow team members to collaborate on projects more easily.

“We are excited to be following our acquisition of Zephyr so quickly to help Jira users extend their workflows,” said Justin Teague, CEO of SmartBear. “With these new integrations, SmartBear continues to lead the way in software development and testing by being the first to provide a completely integrated test automation solution—extending the native Jira experience in Zephyr. This continues to highlight our belief in the Atlassian ecosystem and commitment to those 130,000 customers.”

Sumo Logic now integrates with Opsgenie
Sumo Logic has announced that is now integrates with Opsgenie. Users will now be able to create automated alerts in Opsgenie based on analytics from Sumo Logic. They will also be able to analyze those alerts and incident data directly in Sumo Logic, to give themselves a better understanding of how alerts are created, escalated and evolved.

According to Sumo Logic, this integration will enable DevOps teams to “correlate events across their entire modern application stack and cloud infrastructure with alerts being created in Opsgenie to ensure that the appropriate teams are alerted and issues are resolved efficiently without impacting the end-user experience.”

Adaptavist announces partnerships with Atlassian Marketplace vendors
Adaptavist is partnering with some of the Atlassian Marketplace vendors — ALM Works, Tempo, and Riada — to allow users of other Atlassian tools to use AutoBlocks for Jira. AutoBlocks for Jira is Adaptavist’s low-code tool for building complex automations and customizations for Jira.

“We are happy to support our long-time partner, Adaptavist, in their effort to make automation simpler and accessible to a larger audience,” says Igor Sereda, CEO, ALM Works. “Our app, Structure for Jira, is perfectly fit for integration with AutoBlocks. The combination should provide greater flexibility for users and enable a wider range of solutions for our customers.”

Adaptavist has also launched VisualScript Studio, which provides data visualization for Jira and Confluence; Assist, which is an administration offering for Jira; and a new solution for implementing SAFe with Atlassian tools using best practices.

Appfire announces Drag and Drop Automation for Jira
Appfire has announced Drag and Drop Automation for Jira. The solution will enable users to create powerful automations without needing to write any code. Drag and Drop Automation for Jira works across the entire Atlassian stack, and also integrates with Slack and Atlassian apps such as Tempo Timesheets and Structure from ALM Works.

“Automation is our expertise,” said Randall Ward, CEO of Appfire. “And we’ve seen how the market has changed over the last 12 years. As more non-technical teams have adopted Jira and more non-developers have become Atlassian administrators, we’ve seen a growing need for easier automation geared toward people who don’t want to code.”