AWS has announced a few major updates to its Application Migration Service, which helps simplify and expedite the process of migrating applications to AWS. 

One of the new updates is Global View, which allows admins to manage migrations across multiple different accounts. It uses AWS Organizations to create management accounts, which can access servers from multiple accounts, and member accounts, which can only access their own source servers. 

Global View can be used to accomplish several tasks related to migration, such as launching test and cutover instances across accounts and monitoring migration execution progress across accounts. 

The next major update is the ability to import and export from a local disk. Source server inventory lists can be uploaded from a CSV on the local disk, and the lists can also be exported to a CSV file too.

And finally, AWS has added four new post-launch actions. These include Configure Time Sync, which allows you to set the time for a Linux instance; Validate disk space, which can be used to see how much disk space is available on the target server; Verify HTTP(S) response, which checks connectivity against a predefined list of URLs; and Enable Amazon Inspector, making it possible to run security scans on EC2 resources.  

“Post-launch actions allow you to control and automate actions performed after your servers have been launched in AWS. You can use predefined or custom post-launch actions…These additional post-launch actions provide you with flexibility to maximize your migration experience,” Irshad Buchh, principal solutions advisor at AWS, wrote in a blog post