Project management platform company Clubhouse announced the private beta launch of Clubhouse Write, a real-time collaborative knowledge base tool that focuses on information discovery. The full version is planned to be available later this year. 

For development teams, it’s time to throw out the open-office plan
Making project management easier… for developers

“We are committed to creating an enjoyable experience for engineering and product teams to plan and build software together. Write empowers modern software teams to focus on planning while not being burdened by the complexity involved with managing and connecting their workflow across multiple tools,” said Kurt Schrader, co-founder and CEO of Clubhouse.

Write interacts with Clubhouse’s product management platform, allowing users to collaborate and comment on a doc in real-time, create retros, strategy docs, agendas and more with teams in one place.

The software is competing with commonly utilized project platforms such as Wrike, Asana and Jira, which uses its Kanban system to optimize for Agile teams. 

Clubhouse also uses Kanban boards in addition to features called epics and milestones that show how everyday tasks of a team contribute towards a larger company goal. In addition, it uses iterations to prioritize and keep track of the work a team needs to be focused on, in a specific timeframe.  

The company explained it prioritizes ease-of-use a major improvement to project management, and that the platform is 10 times as fast to load as other tools. Some of the key features in the new Write platform include:

  • Connect Stories, Epics, Iterations and more to Docs: Users can reference their work in the Clubhouse project management tool and keep everyone organized and on the same page
  • Organize Docs in Collections: Users can break free from file folders and add Docs to multiple Collections
  • Keep a document private or publish to the whole Workspace: Users can easily share Docs with your Workspace in one click
  • Follow Docs that are most important to product managers and software engineers: Users can get notified when there are new comments on your followed Docs