DigitalOcean, the cloud computing company, today announced the release of its serverless product, DigitalOcean Functions

This offering is intended to bring users a fast, scalable, and cost-effective compute solution that allows them to build quickly, scale automatically, and save costs by removing the need to pay for idle resources.

According to the company, Functions are snippets of code that run in response to event-based triggers, and builders of all kinds now have the ability to create serverless functions on DigitalOcean for multiple purposes, such as serverless APIs for web and mobile apps.

One of the key benefits of this offering is the ability for developers to focus more on their code since the provisioning and scaling of resources are managed by DigitalOcean. 

Additionally, the company said that this offering works to accelerate time to market. DigitalOcean Functions eliminates the need to learn complex infrastructure-oriented concepts, allowing developers to write functions in their preferred language and deploy them in just a few steps.

This offering also brings developers the ability to build apps that require on-demand functions as well as long-running containers, test functions before pushing to production, integrate with Managed Databases, and enjoy support for common languages and runtimes. 

With DigitalOcean Functions, users get 90,000GB-seconds of usage for free per month and overages are charged at $0.0000185/GB-second. Function invocations bring no separate charge.

To learn more, visit the website.