Container image company Docker has announced that it is completely shifting its focus to developers.

The company has revealed that it will expand Docker Desktop and Docker Hub, as well as partnering with the current ecosystem of Docker tools.

Updates to Docker Desktop will help accelerate onboarding new developers to team workflows, help new developers onboard to developing with containers, and provide features to help improve team collaboration and communication, Docker explained. This will include adding more features to the Docker CLI and Docker Desktop UI.

The company also plans to expand Docker Hub to make it easier to manage application components that are generated as part of the development and deployment processes.

Finally, it will make Docker Hub the center of the ecosystem of partner tools. “We’ve already begun talking with some great partners in the industry and are excited to bring to you what we’ve been thinking here. The overall goal is to provide you solutions here that match your level of maturity or desired level of abstraction, all in a multi-cloud and vendor-neutral way,” Justin Graham, vice president of products at Docker, wrote in a post.

The company will also continue its commitment to open source. Compose, Engine, and Notary will continue to be big contributors to Docker and Docker will continue building on those projects as well.

As part of this announcement, Docker also released its first ever public roadmap, which can be viewed here.