Google has announced it is increasing its support for the Python Software Foundation (PSF). The company is now a Visionary Sponsor and will work to improve the language, ecosystem and community. 

“Python is critically important to both Google Cloud and our customers. It serves as a popular runtime for many of our hosted services, from the launch of App Engine more than a decade ago, to modern serverless products like Cloud Functions. We use the Python Package Index (PyPI) to distribute hundreds of client libraries and developer tools, including the popular open-source machine-learning library TensorFlow. And we use it internally as well, where it helps power many of our core products and services,” Dustin Ingram, a senior developer advocate at Google, wrote in a blog post.

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As part of its new support, the company will donate more than $350,000 to support PSF projects and improve the supply-chain security. The investment will go towards: productionized malware detection for PyPl; improvements for Python tools and services; and a full-time CPython Developer-in-Residence to help prioritize maintenance and address the backlog of the CPython project, according to the company. 

Additionally, the Google Cloud infrastructure in-kind donation has been recommitted to the PSF to support its critical infrastructure such as the Python Package Index. This will help support the critical infrastructure that the PSF operates, including the Python Package Index.

The company will also make the Google Cloud Public Datasets program home to the PyPI download statistics and PyPI project metadata, which will be updated in near-real-time. 

“Like so many Google Cloud customers, we’re big believers in Python. Supporting the PSF in this way will help ensure that the Python ecosystem has a strong and viable future for many years to come,” Ingram wrote.

More information is available here