For the past 30 years, developers have trusted Infragistics to improve their productivity. As app design trends shifted from function-focused to delighting end users with great experiences, Infragistics led the way with tools for developers and designers that enable them to be more innovative and productive alone and together as part of a design-lead process.

“Developers have been able to build beautiful applications faster using our tools, because they don’t have to spend months or years building and maintaining UI controls like high-performance interactive data grids and data charts, scheduling views, and sophisticated Office ribbons,” said Jason Beres, senior vice president at Infragistics. “We expanded our focus to include designers because you can’t build the kind of experiences end users expect without a design process, or at least design tooling and a designer involved in the project.”

However, designers are not always available. Small businesses tend to lack designers because they can’t justify the expense. Large companies often have a UX team working in a Center of Excellence (COE). The COE is a central resource, UX resources are project based and tend not to be dedicated to a specific development team.

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Infragistics brings the power of design to developers and the power of codeless application development to designers so their organizations can deliver better UXs, faster. Indigo.Design allows visual and UX designers to prototype experiences, test them with users and automatically generate Angular code.

“User experience is a high priority now for competitive reasons,” said Beres. “If end users don’t like your application, there are always more compelling options a few clicks away. Our customers depend on us to give them the guidance tooling they need.”

Drive UX ROI faster

Indigo.Design is a unified platform for visual design, UX prototyping, code generation and app development. Designers have been using the product to create entire app experiences in Sketch. Now, they can skip the traditional hand-off to developers and let them generate application code directly from their design, automatically.

“Customers constantly tell us that user experience is a top priority, yet teams often lack resources they need. Management doesn’t want to spend the money because it doesn’t see an immediate return on UX investments,” said Beres. “We allow you to accelerate UX ROI because developers aren’t wasting time writing throw-away code that users haven’t tested.  Our tooling also helps design teams and UX COE’s set standards and guidelines that the development teams can follow.”

Japanese mid-level ERP system provider Super Stream used Infragistics UI components, tooling and design resources to improve its UX and the pace at which it can deliver new and improved experiences to market. The company also embedded Infragistics’ ReportsPlus to embed dashboards and analytics into its ERP product.

“They didn’t have a UX team or designers on projects, so they used our products and tooling to accelerate their delivery,” said Beres. “They were able to deliver a great experience their customers love three to four times faster.”

Visual design teams are generating lots of prototypes today.  With Indigo.Design, they can accelerate the transition from design concepts to finished products.  They are also more confident that customers won’t just use their applications, they’ll love the experience.

“If you’re looking for developer productivity that also produces great experiences for modern web or mobile apps and you want to leverage the skills of your design team in that process, as well as accelerate your time to market, Infragistics tooling can help,” said Beres. “End users have become so fickle as more of the world continues to be digitized that businesses are literally competing on user experience. We help level the playing field by bridging important gaps that have existed between design and development, and by providing tools that make delivering great user experiences faster and easier regardless of how many designers and developers you have or don’t have.”

Infragistics has what you need

Infragistics delivers tooling the way customers want it.  For example, .Net developers can choose Ultimate UI control suites designed specifically for Windows Forms, WPF, and Xamarin. There are also the Ignite UI component suites for JavaScript, ASP.Net MVC, Angular and React, as well as the Indigo.Design platform which ties together visual designers, UX architects & developers, and the ReportsPlus SDK which includes embedded business intelligence and dashboards on any platform.  Infragistics Ultimate includes all the products.

“We remain dedicated to improving developer productivity, especially around modern web and mobile,” said Beres. “Including designers and design teams has become a key piece of our product strategy.”

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