JetBrains and Gitpod announced a partnership that will enable JetBrains’ popular desktop IDEs to leverage the automated, cloud-based developer environments provisioned by Gitpod with native integration.  

“As a long-time fan of JetBrains’ work, I am very excited about this partnership, as it combines the peace of mind and convenience of automated, cloud-based developer environments with the best professional IDEs out there,” said Sven Efftinge, co-founder and CEO of Gitpod. “Gitpod and JetBrains are both known for their attention to detail and obsessive focus on developer experience. I’m stoked to see that the combination is even better than the sum of its parts.”

With the integration, the JetBrains Gateway tool enables developers to connect their IDEs running in the cloud through Gitpod’s native integration into Gateway. 

Benefits of the integration include automated setup, efficient multi-track development with multiple workspaces with different configurations open at once, and an easier way to secure the software supply chain with no packages or dependencies that are downloaded to users’ devices.

“Remote development is meant to simplify daily work. No matter how much horsepower your local machine has, you can focus on things that really matter with the remote backend taking care of resource-hungry operations. This really helps to supercharge developers’ performance,” said Max Shafirov, CEO of JetBrains. “Through our partnership with Gitpod, we are enabling our mutual users to accelerate productivity, save resources and time while strengthening security compliance.”