Limelight Networks has introduced Developer Central, a resource center designed to provide developers with an array of tools to easily manage, monitor, and integrate Limelight services. 

It offers a new interactive API explorer, SDKs, sample code, OpenAPI documentation and a community forum to help users get answers fast. 

“This one-stop resource center puts Limelight’s innovation in developers’ hands offering unique and evolving content, training, and a library of tools to manage customers’ service environments today and into the future,” Limelight Networks wrote in a post.

The OpenAPI documentation provides access to endpoint links and syntax examples and is automatically generated so that developers always have the most current documentation, the company explained. 

Meanwhile, the API Explorer is an enhanced interactive tool for developers that provides tutorials, sample code and the ability to try Limelight APIs in a realtime test environment before going into production.

The SDKs provide pre-packaged code with multiple operations to monitor, configure and manage Limelight services, including necessary authentication steps that developers can copy and paste.

“With the range of new tools and resources in Limelight Developer Central, it’s easier than ever to configure, manage and monitor your streaming video and other content delivery network workflows,” said Eveline Carr, the developer community manager at Limelight.

“Limelight also offers a range of edge compute options, both CDN-integrated and general-purpose, letting you run your own code in locations around the world. It’s all part of our expanded commitment to developer empowerment.”