Wouldn’t it be great if developers actually could read minds, so that every iteration of their software would be exactly what users want?

Well, even with AI, that’s not a world we live in right now. Instead, it’s trial and error, and experimentation that help organizations deliver the most value in their software.

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In October, feature flag platform provider Split hosted a conference in San Francisco, called Decisions, designed to help software engineers reduce the risks associated with continuous delivery of software through experimentation. But if you missed Decisions, Split, along with SD Times, is presenting an online replay of the event on Jan. 15.

The one-day, virtual conference will feature speakers Joe Beda, founder and CTO of Heptio (now owned by VMware); Jez Humble of the DevOps Research and Assessment organization; Ash Maurya, founder and CEO of LEANSTACK, and many more. You can find the full list of speakers, and register here.

The event begins at 9 AM Eastern with a kickoff keynote from Split CEO and co-founder Adil Aijaz, who will discuss “The Importance of Product Decisions” in the software development life cycle. He’ll discuss the technical and economic realities of shipping new software that either misses the mark with users or shipping updates that could degrade application performance.

The full-day event takes a deep dive into the ‘how-to’ and the ‘why’ of software experimentation, and the value organizations derive from the practice. The complete agenda is available for viewing.