The Object Management Group (OMG) has announced a request for proposal (RFP) for Interface Definition Language v4 (IDL4) for the C++ Language Mapping specification. 

According to OMG, this addition to the specification will provide Data Distribution Service (DDS) and CORBA users with an interoperable API for C++, which will allow them to deploy vendor-neutral applications in a number of industries. 

Over the past few years, OMG has enhanced IDL by incorporating new syntax and a flexible structure to support new use cases. These enhancements require new language mappings in order to be used with technologies like DDS and CORBA. 

“The existing IDL to C++ language mappings are currently being exercised by thousands of DDS- and CORBA-based systems. As new systems adopt OMG IDL, it is important to keep our standard mappings current so new and existing systems can benefit from the new additions to the language,” said RFP author Fernando Garcia Aranda, principal software engineer at Real-Time Innovations (RTI). “With this RFP, we define an updated set of IDL to C++ mappings that make use of the new features of the most recent versions of the OMG IDL to the fullest extent.”

This RFP is asking for a new mapping specification for the most recent version of OMG IDL. Both members and non-members of OMG may submit a Letter of Intent by December 24, 2020, to show their interest in participating in the RFP. To submit to the RFP, companies must become members of OMG by February 22, 2021.