ActiveState has added new beta features to its platform. According to the company, the new features will help “automatically build, certify and resolve open source language.”

Specific features include the ability to select a set of packages from ActiveState’s inventory to create on-demand builds, automated Python builds, automatic dependency resolution, commit-based build history, and integrated Python runtime vulnerability reporting.

“Polyglot is killing the enterprise, but it doesn’t have to. We believe you should enjoy all the benefits of many open source languages without any of the hassles. We want to free up coder time for high-value work, enable them to run a single command and get coding. And we want to empower management with the visibility and controls required to give developers the freedom to use open source tool,” said Bart Copeland, CEO of ActiveState.

AWS acquires CloudEndure
AWS has acquired cloud company CloudEndure. CloudEndure is a disaster recovery, cloud backup, and cloud migration solution provider. The company has been an AWS Advanced Technology Partner since 2016.

“This acquisition expands our ability to deliver innovative and flexible migration, backup, and disaster recovery solutions,” CloudEndure wrote on its website.

Square launches In-App Payments SDK
Square has launched a new In-App Payments SDK, which will enable developers and sellers to process payments within consumer-facing mobile apps. According to the company, the SDK includes a customizable payments flow that is compatible with most popular payment types. By letting the SDK handle the complexity of payments, developers will be able to focus on building better experiences, Square explained.

“With the introduction of in-app mobile payments to the Square platform, developers now have a complete, omnichannel payments solution for all their payment needs,” said Carl Perry, developer lead at Square. “From software to hardware to services, Square offers a complete payments experience all in one cohesive open platform. Even better, developers and sellers can manage all their payments across in-store, mobile and online all in one place.”

Hyatt launches bug bounty program
Hyatt has launched a new bug bounty program, making it the first company in the hospitality industry to do so. The news comes after Marriott revealed a major security breach. Rewards will be released after remediation based on severity.

“By being the first organization in the hospitality industry to embrace the collaborative efforts of global security researchers, Hyatt hopes to continue to raise its already high level of security standards as well as learn from and collaborate with security researchers,” Hyatt wrote in a post.  “If you have information about a qualified security vulnerability that is within our predetermined scope, we would love to hear from you!”

More information on the bug bounty program can be found here.