Aliro Technologies launched from stealth and raised $2.7 million to make quantum computing more accessible to all developers.

The company explained its solution is designed so that any QC users, researchers or algorithm developers will have access to a development and execution platform that simplifies the variations felt with hardware-specific software and hardware optimizations. The suite provides tools such as validation schemes, visualizations, benchmarks, error-correcting codes, application-specific interfaces and general performance improvements. 

“Aliro’s goal is to enable software developers using its hardware-independent, cloud-ready platform to take advantage of the power of quantum computing. Aliro’s software lowers the barrier to entry for early movers who want to leverage the amazing power of quantum computing,” Aliro Technologies wrote in a post.

DataRobot announced $206 million in Series E funding and new MLOps solution
DataRobot announced that it received $206 million in a Series E investment round, bringing the company’s total funding to $431 million. 

The company plans to use the funds to continue the development of its DataRobot platform, which includes Automated Machine Learning, Automated Time Series and MLOp, a solution for deploying, monitoring and managing machine learning models across the enterprise. 

“By making AI more efficient and accessible through automation, businesses can more easily adopt AI, capturing market share at lower costs with better performance than traditional methods,” DataRobot wrote in a post.

Splunk Venture launches with $150 million data analytics fund
Splunk Ventures launched with a $100 million Innovation and $50 million Social Impact Fund. Splunk Ventures also said that it is investing in Kavach, a cloud-native application security company. 

In addition to funding, Splunk Ventures will provide portfolio companies with go-to-market support, access to Splunk technology and engagement with Splunk leaders.

“Organizations around the world are not only racing to make faster, better decisions, they’re also hoping to turn data into business outcomes that are both cost and time effective,” said Doug Merritt, president and CEO, Splunk. “To meet this demand and help data live up to its full, world changing potential, it’s critical that Splunk invest in technologies that can help remove the barrier between data and action. I’m thrilled to launch Splunk Ventures and can’t wait to start working with some of the groundbreaking companies we’re investing in, as we work together to bring data to everything.”

SWIM.AI’s new enterprise solution 
SWIM.AI announced the general availability of its new DataFabric software, which is designed to provide analysis and prediction in real-time for edge, streaming data and full integration with Microsoft Azure. 

DataFabric enables companies to gain insights into what data is the most important and enables real-time visualization, efficient data labeling and delivery. 

“SWIM.AI provides a unique product for edge/streaming data – software, which is lightweight, able to run anywhere – at the edge or in the cloud – enabling local data collection, reduction, analytics and delivers both data and insights to the Microsoft Azure Cloud in real-time,” said Ramana Jonnala, CEO of SWIM.AI. “For the enormous volume of real-time/edge data being created by devices, sensors, machines and people the only economic way to handle the data is locally and in real-time.”

The full details on DataFabric are available here.