Amazon Web Services (AWS) recently announced the launch of Amplify Studio at its re:Invent conference. AWS Amplify Studio is a new visual development environment that enables developers to create web application user interfaces (UIs) with minimal coding, while also allowing them to customize their applications’ design and behavior.

Amplify Studio builds on AWS Amplify to provide a unified point-and-click interface for creating application UIs and provisioning the AWS services that power the application. This provides users with an end-to-end tool for building web applications on AWS in days rather than weeks. 

With AWS Amplify Studio, developers can now create a UI using a library of prebuilt components, collaborate with user experience designers, and connect their UI to AWS services through a visual interface without writing any code. To learn more, visit here

Microsoft unveils Teams ToolKit 3.0

Microsoft recently announced the new features developers have access to in Teams ToolKit 3.0. This release especially benefits Teams enterprise developers, bringing them multi-environment management, the ability to collaborate among several developers, increased CI/CD support, and more.

In addition, Teams ToolKit 3.0 brings users the ability to provision Azure resources using ARM and Bicep. The main advantage of this is that Bicep is verbose and uses simplified syntax in order to develop the user’s ARM template. 

For more information on Teams ToolKit 3.0, visit here

Mirantis launches DevOpsCare

The open cloud company, Mirantis, recently announced DevOpsCare, powered by Lens, a vendor-agnostic, fully managed CI/CD product for any Kubernetes environment, bringing developers increased levels of speed and productivity. 

DevOpsCare works across all cloud infrastructures in order to provide a consistent experience with a pay-as-you-go payment model for any Kubernetes cluster or any platform. With DevOpsCare, users are able to

  • Accelerate innovation by shipping cloud-native applications more quickly while also optimizing cost
  • Increase visibility and continuous monitoring of key metrics in order to determine health, performance, and cost
  • Gain a stronger alignment between DevOps teams 
  • Mitigate security risks and enhance compliance with continuous monitoring and altering 

DevOpsCare is available now. To learn more and get started, visit here