Capacitor 2.0 was released to make it easier to develop web apps that run on iOS, Android, and on the web as Progressive Web Apps powered by a single codebase. Capacitor is a native runtime developed by Ionic. 

According to the company, Capacitor allows users to access native mobile features like the camera using the same code across all platforms without having to worry about platform-specific details.

The latest release includes the latest security, bug fixes, and features such as Swift 5 and Xcode 11+ support, Android 10 and AndroidX support which makes Face Unlock and Iris Unlock available now in Ionic Identity Vault.

Additional details are available here.

Zend announces two new offerings for PHP
Zend announced ZendPHP Enterprise and Laminas Enterprise Support and also extended long-term support for PHP 5.6 and PHP 7.1 for an additional two years until January 2023.

The new Laminas Enterprise Support service provides mission-critical and long-term support for the open-source, Laminas PHP framework, formerly known as Zend Framework.

“More than 80% of global websites run on PHP, and organizations rely on enterprise PHP solutions to ensure the security, performance, reliability, and scalability of their websites and web services,” Perforce wrote in a post. “Zend by Perforce is reiterating its ongoing commitment to delivering the PHP products and services needed by global industries.”

Firefox 75 developer updates
Firefox 75 includes changes to the developer tools, making it possible to resize the rectangle of the Measuring Tool, enabling the use of XPath expressions in the inspector to locate elements, and the ability to filter Websocket messages using regular expressions. 

Additionally, the loading attribute of the <img> element has now been implemented, and support for the min(), max(), and clamp() functions has been implemented.

Additional details on the updated Firefox version are available here.

OctoML announces series A round of funding for ML and AI
OctoML closed its Series A funding round of $15 million to further its ML and AI solutions. 

“Machine learning and artificial intelligence will be key components of nearly every software application and it needs to be easy, efficient and portable. That is what we are making possible with OctoML,” OctoML wrote in a post.

OctoML builds on Apache TVM to offer automated ML operations with a unified software foundation, for any model on any hardware.