Codefresh today announced the release of its next-generation software delivery solution, the Codefresh Argo Platform. The platform provides a fully featured version of Argo that automates continuous delivery and Kubernetes workflow tooling for modern enterprises looking to leverage continuous software delivery to their advantage.

Codefresh Argo Platform was built for scale, security, and progressive delivery. The Platform eliminates horizontal scaling challenges when managing multiple dynamic microservices, while also implementing the most up to date GitOps best practices. Codefresh Argo Platform brings together Argo workflows, events, CD, and rollouts securely at scale. 

In addition, the platform allows users to bring their favorite tools for issues management, security, testing, artifact, config management, and more while maintaining a clear view of everything happening in the software delivery lifecycle.

42Crunch and Cisco partner to provide new API discovery tool

42Crunch today announced their collaboration with Cisco to provide the developer community with APIClarity, an API discovery and security tool that enables enterprises to strengthen their cloud protection.

APIClarity utilizes a service mesh framework to discover APIs and can be used with the 42Crunch API Audit capabilities in order to improve the configuration of the API specification. In addition, APIClarity alerts the user of differences between the approved API specification and the one observed in runtime and detects shadow and zombie APIs with a UI dashboard continuously checking the API findings. 

IBM and Deloitte announce new managed analytics solution 

IBM and Deloitte announced a new AI-enabled managed analytics solution, DAPPER. The offering provides end-to-end capabilities, allowing organizations to have confidence in the insights that their data provides.

DAPPER is run by Deloitte in the IBM Cloud and it provides users with a choice of service offerings and subscription model, containing three core elements that allow for obtaining the maximum value out of data. These elements are a cloud-enabled analytics platform, an analytics development factory, and a catalog of subscription service offerings. 

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