The Ember project has announced the release of version 3.8 of Ember.js, Ember Data, and Ember CLI. According to the team, this release begins the 3.8 beta cycle for all Ember sub-projects. Ember.js is a open-source JavaScript framework built for web developers.

Ember.js 3.8 is a Long-Term Support candidate. In six weeks, the 3.8.x series will officially become the latest LTS release and in another six weeks, the 3.4 LTS branch will stop receiving bugfix patches.

New features include an element modifier manager and array helper. It is also deprecating five features, including computed property override ability, computed property .property() modifier, computed property volatility, @ember/object#aliasMethod, and the component manager factory function.

Bugcrowd releases Traffic Control 2.0
Bugcrowd has announced the latest version of its VPN technology. Traffic Control 2.0 will provide increased visibility, flexibility, and control over customers’ security testing programs.

According to Bugcrowd, Traffic Control 2.0 will improve security workflows in the areas of access, control, reporting, and coverage and monitoring.

“We believe it’s our responsibility to continuously build innovative solutions to support the changing needs of our customers,” said Mark Milani, global head of product and engineering for the company. “The extensible architecture of our platform is paramount to this. Today’s releases further our mission to make the digitally-connected world more secure, helping customers fix faster and bring more secure products to market.”

Datical raises $10 million in Series C funding
Database company Datical has raised $10 million in Series C funding, bringing its total funding to $27 million. Datical plans on using the new funds to sustain its growth by expanding research and development, customer success capabilities, and sales and marketing functions.

The funding round was led by new investor River Cities Capital Funds and there was participation from existing investors S3 Ventures and Mercury Fund.

Ionic React beta now available
Ionic React is now officially in beta. Ionic is most well-known for its open-source framework, which provides a collection of UI components for building cross-platform hybrid apps. Now, the team is making it easier to use Ionic with React with 70 new components that cover most use cases for building mobile apps.

“React developers have long used React Native to make native apps for iOS and Android. We think React Native is a good approach for native app development, but we have always believed in the web platform and think React developers will find many advantages in creating hybrid mobile, desktop, and progressive web apps with Ionic and React. We even see opportunities in using React Native and Ionic together,” Ionic wrote in a post.

Though still in the early stages, Ionic wants developers to begin testing Ionic React and providing feedback.

Microsoft launches Visual Studio 2019 Release Candidate
Microsoft has announced a Visual Studio 2019 Release Candidate (RC). As part of the RC, it is adding two new product “channels”: the release channel and the preview channel. Visual Studio 2019 RC will be available in the release channel, while Visual Studio 2019 RC Preview 4 is available in the preview channel.

On April 2, developers will be able to update to the generally available, production-ready release.

More information is available here.