The latest version of the erwin Data Intelligence Suite provides new AI-driven metadata matching, data lineage analysis, data model integration, and an enriched business user experience to speed enterprise data governance and literacy.

“Business transformation has to be based on accurate data assets within the right context, so organizations have a reliable source of truth on which to base their decisions,” said Adam Famularo, the CEO of erwin, Inc. “erwin provides an intuitive, robust data governance platform with the catalog, lineage, glossary and visualization capabilities needed to evaluate the business in its current state and then evolve it to serve new objectives.”

Users can automatically harvest, transform, and feed metadata from a wide array of data sources, operational processes, business applications, and data models into a central catalog. 

Additional details are available here.

Red Hat announces support for Quarkus
Red Hat advanced Java on Kubernetes by delivering Quarkus as a fully-supported runtime for cloud-native development. 

With Quarkus, users are getting a fully Red Hat supported technology, which includes an active community, continuous updates, and a fast release cadence, the company explained.

According to Red Hat, Quarkus helps increase developer productivity by working out-of-the-box with popular Java standards, frameworks, and libraries. It also increases operational efficiency and increases cost savings because it has low memory consumption.

Flexera rebrands as Revenera
Flexera announced it is rebranding to Revenera and focusing on software monetization, software composition analysis and installation.

“Our division serving software and IoT companies has a new name, Revenera,” said Jim Ryan, president and CEO of Revenera. “This rebranding will result in better experiences for our customers and clearer understanding in the market about Revenera’s unique strengths: helping technology suppliers build better products, accelerate time to value and monetize what matters.”

Gatsby round of funding for modern web development
Gatsby raised $28 million in series B funding to expand its modern web development tool and framework.

Gatsby is an open-source web development framework granting a customizable and extensible way to build websites and web apps — with built-in optimizations that simply guarantee today’s modern website table stakes of performance, security, and scalability, according to the company. 

“Web presence and performance has never been more critical to a brand’s success, yet website technology has been stuck in the 2000s era without an easy path to modernization. Gatsby solves this problem with a first-of-its-kind ecosystem that productizes modern tooling and brings together all the best ways to build the web,” said Shardul Shah, partner at Index Ventures, which led the investment round. 

Fluree announces new JavaScript library
Fluree’s new JavaScript library will deliver blockchain-backed data directly to front-end apps to removes the overwhelming complexity of retrieving data in today’s legacy, microservice and API-driven architectures.

Paired with Fluree-React and native GraphQL support, developers can wrap UI components directly with nested graph queries for automatic re-renders.

“Layers of data retrieval result in unreliable data, buggy apps, security vulnerabilities and excessive overhead. By removing the need for these extra layers, Fluree JavaScript Library enables lightning-fast query responses and opens up a path to real-time applications with no additional overhead,” Fluree wrote in a post.