Fastly entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Signal Sciences for approximately $775 million in cash and stock. 

The acquisition will expand Fastly’s security portfolio through developer-first web applications and API protection solutions, according to the company. 

“Fastly was founded to meet developers’ need for greater visibility and control. Now, as the digital transformation movement continues to accelerate, DevOps teams are struggling with inadequate and inflexible security tools,” said Joshua Bixby, the CEO of Fastly. “Together with Signal Sciences, we will give developers modern security tools designed for the way they work.”

LDRA launches Secure Software Development Resource Centre
The new Secure Software Development Resource Centre is an online portal that guides developers through the phases of the SDLC, including requirements, design, model, code, and verification whether developers are using traditional V-model, waterfall life cycle, or an Agile approach.

“The security resources at our new portal are designed to help companies learn how to build security into their software from the beginning, because attempting to bolt on security after the fact is costly and error prone,” said Ian Hennell, the LDRA operations director. “Preventing vulnerabilities from entering the code during construction cost-effectively addresses the accelerating security requirements of connected devices and systems.”

Dynatrace announces observability for AWS services
Dynatrace said that integrating all AWS services enables organizations to accelerate cloud migration and digital transformation with automation and precise AI-powered answers. 

With these enhancements, Dynatrace will automatically identify and collect metrics from the 95 AWS services currently supported by Amazon CloudWatch. This enriches Dynatrace’s AI-powered answers with the latest services from AWS, including Amazon MSK, Amazon Route 53, Amazon Sagemaker, Amazon Neptune, and Amazon MQ.

Dynatrace-AWS customers not only get all CloudWatch metrics streamed to dashboards automatically, they also gain automatic, self-adjusting baselining, immediate anomaly detection, and precise root-cause determination prioritized by business impact across their entire AWS and hybrid or multi-cloud environment, according to the company.

Windows Terminal Preview 1.3 released
The new release introduces the command palette, which allows users to search through all of the commands available in the Windows Terminal, similar to the one found in Visual Studio Code. 

The release also includes an advanced tab switcher, tab color settings, and new commands that users can add to their key bindings in the settings.json file.

Additional details are available here. The next release will be in September, according to Microsoft.