Google open sourced its Cardboard project that lets developers create VR experiences across Android and iOS devices. 

“We think that an open source model—with additional contributions from us—is the best way for developers to continue to build experiences for Cardboard,” Google wrote in a blog post. “We’ve already seen success with this approach with our Cardboard Manufacturer Kit—an open source project to enable third-party manufacturers to design and build their own unique compatible VR viewers—and we’re excited to see where the developer community takes Cardboard in the future.”

The open source project includes APIs for head tracking, lens distortion rendering, input handling and an Android QR code library, so that apps can pair any Cardboard viewer without depending on the Cardboard app.

Microsoft announced the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework
Microsoft announced a cloud adoption framework for Azure that includes Innovate and Manage stages as well as new resources and assessments to aid organizations through their cloud migration. 

The Cloud Adoption Framework allows organizations to break down their journey into stages for business decision-makers, cloud architects and IT professionals. 

The framework breaks the process down into the following stages: strategy, plan, ready, adopt, govern and manage. 

The full details on the framework are available here.

Code42 announces threat detection capabilities
Code42 announced threat detection capabilities with new integrations into cloud-based email platforms. 

“Organizations can now more easily and rapidly detect and investigate suspicious data movement through one of the most widely-used data exfiltration vectors, cloud-based email. These capabilities can turn hours of investigative work into a task of a few minutes and yield a level of granularity into file contents and detail that security teams have been unable to achieve until now,” said Rob Juncker, Code42 SVP of product, research, operations and development.

Looker 7 announced for infusing data experiences into workflows
Looker announced its new Looker 7 platform that infuses customizable data into day-to-day tools and workflows to close the gap between discovering insights and taking action. 

The new platform contains a development framework, an in-product Marketplace to quickly find and deploy add-ons and a suite of development tools that includes new SDKs and a Developer Portal. 

Also, the business intelligence experience includes new dashboards, closed-loop Slack integration, new third-party integrations, a new analytical alert and SQL runner visualizations. 

The full details on the new platform are available here.