Google has released Coral, a platform for building intelligence devices using AI. According to Google, Coral is a complete local AI toolkit including hardware components, software tools, and content that will help developers create, train, and run local neural networks.

The hardware components features the new Edge TPU and Coral Dev Board, while the software tools are built on TensorFlow and TensorFlow Lite.

CSHTML5 now open-source
CSHTML5 is now open-source. CSHTML5 enables developers to make web apps in C# and XAML. According to the company, open sourcing it is part of an effort to make it “a more open and flexible platform for developers.”

Features previously available just in the paid version are now free to use as part of the new Community Edition. It is also now dual-licensed, which means that it is available under open-source and commercial licenses.

Algolux launches Ion Platform for autonomous vision
Algolux has announced a new autonomous vision platform. The Ion Platform is an end-to-end platform for designing and implementing autonomous vision systems, the company explained.

“We believe that end-to-end deep learning and optimization approaches can be used to improve perception, but also enables a significant impact to the design process itself. Ion is a platform providing machine learning software and automation methodologies that enables development teams to design a fully optimized robust perception systems, providing increased performance, improved system effectiveness, and reducing risk,” Algolux wrote in a post.

XebiaLabs releases XL JetPack
XebiaLabs has announced the XL JetPack, which is a DevOps tools that allows teams to quickly and securely release applications to the cloud.

According to XebiaLabs, it includes the components critical for error-free cloud migrations, such as advanced release orchestrations, deployment automation, best practice “blueprints”, integrations with popular development tools, and built-in compliance and security functionality.