A new Visual Studio extension has been released by the software company Userware. CSHTML5 is designed for cross-platform HTML5, and targeted at .NET developers. The solution enables developers to build webs using C# and XAML and compile the files to HTML5 and JavaScript.

According to the company, because the solution compiles the code itself, developers do not need to have any knowledge of HTML5 or JavaScript to use the extension.

“We wanted to use our knowledge and expertise in C# and XAML to port or create web applications,” said Giovanni Albani, CEO of Userware. “The end of support for Silverlight announced for 2021 by Microsoft confirmed it was time for us to further develop CSHTML5.”

Developers will be able to either build apps from scratch or port existing Silverlight, UWP, and WPF apps and keep 97 percent percent of the existing code, the company explained.

According to Userware, CSHTML5 supports 99 percent of C# features, 75 percent of XAML features, and 55 percent of .NET types and framework classes. It supports web service calls, integration with existing web apps, and code sharing among the client and the server.

The teams to build the solution even further with new performance and code optimizations as well as support for major third-party controls. The next milestone of CSHTML5 is targeted for March and is expected to include a new sample showcase app, runtime XAML performance optimization, version 1.0 RTW release and improved support for C#, XAML and .NET features.