Software assurance and cybersecurity company GrammaTech announced it will be acquiring code analysis company JuliaSoft. According to GrammaTech, the acquisition will help it expand the reach of the CodeSonar SAST platform to Java and C#.

The new language support extends the automated detection of software vulnerabilities to enterprise use cases where safety and security are indispensable. 

The CodeSonar platform supports both Desktop and DevSecOps workflows and provides enterprise features such as reliable tracking of defects independent of code changes, extensive code visualization capabilities, and supports popular IDEs, command-line and web interfaces.

Additional details are available here.

Snyk announces new prioritization capabilities
The new capabilities give security and development teams automated visibility and remediation insight for the open source and container vulnerabilities that pose the greatest risk, according to the company.

It offers instant prioritization that accelerates triaging and remediation with baseline prioritization recommendations, prioritizes vulnerabilities by using deep insight into how applications are running, and provides governance at scale to manage prioritization more easily with automated and customized security policies. 

New Alexa developer tools
With the 31 new features, developers create  immersive multimedia experiences that combine voice with sound, visuals, and touch, mixing audio tracks at runtime and leveraging web technologies such as HTML5 for games, Amazon explained

“With these new features, you can create natural and conversational experiences that allow customers to interact with your skill in an unconstrained way, while freeing you to focus on the highest value parts of your experience,” Amazon wrote in a blog post.

The preview of Alexa for Apps lets users combine their Alexa skill with the iOS and Android mobile apps to offer natural and hands-free interaction via voice for many tasks, and the option to use voice, touch and visuals to go deeper when needed, Amazon added. 

TigerGraph announces new capabilities for GSQL
TigerGraph added new capabilities for its query language GSQL, aiming to further the democratization of graph analytics. 

The recent changes make GSQL even more similar to SQL, the standard language for storing, manipulating, and retrieving data within a relational database, according to the company. 

TigerGraph’s GSQL builds on SQL functionality and extends it with a unique construct called an “accumulator.” Accumulators allow users to perform complex computations faster on connected datasets.

Additional details are available here.

Summer updates for Google’s Coral
Among the updates, the open-source Edge TPU runtime is now available on GitHub, including scripts and instructions for building the library for Linux and Windows. 

Also, Windows drivers are now available for the Mini PCIe and M.2 accelerators. Google also made a number of new updates to Coral’s ML tools, which are described in detail in this blog post.

The Mendel Linux (5.0 release Eagle) is now available for the Coral Dev Board and SoM and includes a more stable package repository that provides a smoother updating experience.