Technical recruiting platform HackerRank announced that LinkedIn Talent Hub is joining the company’s efforts as an applicant tracking system (ATS) partner. 

The integration allows recruiters and hiring managers to schedule CodePair interviews directly from LinkedIn Talent Hub. CodePair is HackerRank’s technical video interviewing platform that allows hiring teams to conduct interviews remotely.

“LinkedIn Talent Hub provides a single platform to source, manage, and hire candidates. And it’s built on the LinkedIn network—which means it leverages insights from its 645M members to provide suggested job descriptions and talent pool insights directly in the platform,” HackerRank wrote in a post.“The result is an all-in-one platform that drives recruiter and hiring manager alignment from sourcing to eventual hire.”

Appdome announces new no-code, client-side solution to secure APIs in mobile apps
No-code mobile solutions platform Appdome announced the release of SecureAPI, a new no-code, client-side solution to secure APIs inside mobile apps. 

SecureAPI lets developers protect API workflows inside Android and iOS apps including protecting keys, access tokens, secrets, URLs, securing connections and all data retrieved via the API inside the app, according to the company. It uses security features such as encryption, obfuscation, shielding and TLS enforcement. 

“The growth of mobile app APIs, API Economy, and open mobile banking initiatives leave developers looking for better ways to secure APIs inside mobile apps,” said Tom Tovar, Appdome CEO and co-creator. “SecureAPI solves the challenge of mobile client trust, safeguarding the integrity of mobile APIs against hacks and leaks.”

Codacy raises $7.7 million for code review automation
Codacy, providers of a platform that automates and standardizes software quality for enterprises, secured $7.7 million in a round of funding. 

The company said it plans to use the funding to further expand product development and to accelerate commercial initiatives around the world. 

“In order to fully support the rapidly scaling Enterprise market, Codacy is preparing to offer deployment on Kubernetes for all of its cloud and on-premise users while continuing to release additional programming language support and expand features within GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket environments,” Codacy wrote in its announcement. 

Trend Micro and Snyk partner on app security
Cloud security provider Trend Micro announced a strategic partnership with Snyk, an open source security company, to focus on solving open source vulnerabilities.

“Together, we will continue to help organizations improve their ability to find vulnerabilities earlier in the development process and provide options for how to mitigate and prevent risk in software development,” said Geva Solomonovich, chief operating officer at Snyk. 

Additional terms of the partnership and product integrations will be announced in November 2019, according to a press release.