JetBrains has announced that it is opening the Early Access Program for the next major release of IntelliJ IDEA v2020.1. 

With IntelliJ IDEA 2020.1, users can download JDK from the IDE, which will automatically download and set up the chosen Java version. It also includes support for Java 14, an editor for quick type definition and UI improvements, the team explained.

The full details on the new release are available here.

Visual Studio 2019 version 16.5 Preview 2
The Visual Studio team released version 16.5 preview 2, which adds CMake, Linux targeting and IntelliSense improvements in Visual Studio version 16.5. 

It’s native support for CMake allows users to target both Windows and Linux. It also introduces new features specific to cross-platform development including file copy optimizations, native WSL support, the ability to easily edit CMake projects, CMake language services and a command-line utility. 

The full details are available here.

Elixir 1.10 released
Elixir 1.10 has been released with improvements to the standard library, the compiler and several additions to the mix release feature added in v1.9.

Compiler tracing has been introduced in Elixir v1.10, which allows developers to listen to events as they are emitted by the compiler. 

Other enhancements include sigil support for third-party calendars, as well as the additions of!/2, DateTime.shift_zone!/3, and NaiveDateTime.local_now/0.

JUnit 5.6 released with overall improvements to the testing framework
The JUnit 5.6 test framework has been released with Gradle Module Metadata, OSGi metadata and Javadoc. 

It also includes bug fixes, deprecations, breaking changes, as well as new features and improvements.