The Linux Foundation announced a new cloud engineer bootcamp that includes online training, labs, instructor support and certification providing all the verifiable knowledge necessary to begin work as a cloud engineer.

The training begins with Linux at the operating system layer, and moves up the stack, covering DevOps, cloud, containers and more, providing all the knowledge needed to work as a cloud engineer.

The standard $999 bootcamp fee provides unlimited access to the course for one year including all content and labs. Through June 17, 2020 the bootcamp is being offered at an introductory fee of $599. 

AWS Amplify libraries for iOS and Android
The AWS Amplify libraries are a set of services for building secure, scalable mobile and web applications and are now available for Android and iOS. 

The solution contains an open source set of libraries and UI components for adding cloud-powered functionalities, a command line interactive toolchain to create and manage a cloud backend, and the AWS Amplify Console, an AWS Service to deploy and host full stack serverless web applications.

Amplify libraries are organized and categorized around categories for Auth, API (REST and GraphQL), Analytics, File Storage, DataStore, and Predictions.

Additional details are available here.

Acquia CMS Migrate released
The new solution allows companies to move to Drupal 9 up to 5 times faster. 

“As more organizations look to adopt Drupal 9, Acquia CMS Migrate can help them upgrade sites quickly and easily, so they can take advantage of the latest innovations,” Acquia wrote in a post.

Drupal 9 is built to handle more data at higher volumes, integrate easily with other platforms, and lower the barriers to entry for new Drupal users.

Appery announces new low-code plans now includes new subscription plans: Beginner and Ultimate. has also updated its coverage policy and added a new default proxy feature.

“The Beginner Plan is intended for developers looking to build small, lightweight apps. The Ultimate plan, which is the most comprehensive subscription option, is designed for mid-sized enterprise users wanting to develop more robust applications,” Exadel, the company behind the product, wrote in a post that compares the two plans. 

Anaconda and IBM Watson partnered to simplify enterprise adoption of open-source tech
By working together, the two companies plan to help fuel innovation and address the AI and data science skills gap that many enterprises face today.

The Anaconda Team Edition repository will be integrated with IBM Watson Studio on IBM Cloud Pak for Data, enabling organizations to better govern and speed the deployment of AI open-source technologies across any cloud.

“AI for business is only as good as the ecosystem it supports, so it’s a natural fit for Watson to work with Anaconda, the industry leader in open-source data science and their community of 20 million users,” said Daniel Hernandez, the general manager of data and AI at IBM. “By bringing the power of Anaconda to Watson, enterprises can now tap into a repository of open-source tools that they can manage in any cloud environment.”