GitHub has announced the MLH Fellowship is expanding to include American Express and Adobe to its summer 2021 program in which students will be able to use real tools and experience around how to collaborate remotely and globally while working along with experienced engineers. 

The fellowship was created to fill in the lack of internships that were disrupted due to the pandemic. 

Since the start of the program in summer 2020, the fellowship has graduated hundreds of student developers with the opportunity to experience day-to-day interaction with real-world developer tools and communication practices, according to the company.

Additional details on the program are available here.

Free Node.js training available
The Linux Foundation and OpenJS Foundation released the free online training course:  Introduction to Node.js. 

The course is designed for frontend or backend developers who would like to become more familiar with the fundamentals of Node.js and its most common use cases.

Topics include how to rapidly build CLI tools, mock RESTful JSON APIs and to prototype real-time services. Students will also have the core concepts for further study towards the  OpenJS Node.js Application Developer (JSNAD) and OpenJS Node.js Services Developer (JSNSD) certifications.

Python 3.9.2 and 3.8.8 are now available
The 3.9 series contains many new features and optimizations over 3.8 and the releases fix two prominent security issues. 

One fix was to avoid static buffers when computing the repr of ‘ctypes.c_double and ctypes.c_longdouble values’ as a response to the CVE-2021-3177 remote code execution vulnerability. 

The other fix eliminates a web cache poisoning vulnerability by defaulting the query args separator to &, and allowing the user to choose a custom separator.

Additional details are available here.

Makefile support for Visual Studio Code 
The preview release of the Makefile Tool extension provides IntelliSense configurations to the VS Code C/C++ Extension for Makefile projects. It also provides convenient commands to build, debug, and run your targets.

By default, the extension will attempt to use a make program that resides within your $PATH to configure the project. Users can update the Make Path setting by going to File > Preferences > Settings and then selecting makefile under Extensions. 

Microsoft also curated a list of over 70 popular open source Makefile projects that work with Makefile Tools available here.

Apache weekly update
Last week at the Apache Software Foundation saw Apache Gobblin, the distributed Big Data integration framework used in both streaming and batch data ecosystems, elevated to Top-Level Project status. 

Other updates and releases included NiFi 1.13.0, Camel 3.8.0, NLPCraft 0.7.4 (incubating), Qpid Dispatch 1.15.0, HttpComponents Client 5.1-beta1, and FreeMarker 2.3.31. 

Two security vulnerabilities were found in Apache Airflow: one that involved a privilege escalation attack and the other involved a lineage API endpoint for Experimental API missing an authentication check. Apache MyFaces saw a cross-site request forgery (CSRF) vulnerability.

The full list of updates from Apache is available here.