.NET Core 2.2 is set to reach end of life on December 29, 2019, after that patch updates will no longer include updated packages of container images for .NET Core 2.2.

The supported upgrade path from .NET Core 2.2 is via .NET Core 3.1. Microsoft has provided documents on how to do this, which are available here.

Microsoft also published support policy for .NET Core that encompasses the LTS releases and current releases that include features and components that are new and may undergo future changes based on feedback. 

Certbot 1.0 released to help websites encrypt traffic
Certbot leaves beta with the release of Certbot 1.0, a free, open-source tool that helps websites encrypt their traffic. 

“Certbot is part of EFF’s project to encrypt the web. Using HTTPS instead of unencrypted HTTP protects people from eavesdropping, content injection, and cookie stealing, which can be used to take over your online accounts,” the developers behind the tool wrote in a post.

Since its launch, many features have been added, including beta support for Windows, automatic nginx configuration, and support for over a dozen DNS providers for domain validation. 

Netflix open sources Metaflow, a data science framework
Netflix announced that it is open sourcing Metaflow, a human-centric framework that applies data science to hundreds of use cases across the company including content delivery and video encoding. 

Metaflow has been used internally at Netflix to build and manage hundreds of data-science projects from natural language processing to operations research.

“Metaflow is packed with human-centric details like this, all of which aim at boosting data scientist productivity,” the developers of the project wrote in a post.

Google launches Android Game SDK
Google launched an Android Game SDK, a set of libraries that developers can use to enhance their Android games. 

The first library Google is launching in the Android Game SDK helps developers with frame pacing, the synchronization of a game’s rendering loop with the OS display subsystem and underlying display hardware.

The full details on the SDK are available here.