The latest version of the React framework Next.js is now available. Next.js 9.3 includes next-gen static site generation (SSG) support, preview mode to bypass statistically generated pages to display drafts from a CMS, built-in Sass support for Global Stylesheets, built-in Sass CSS Module support for component-level styles, and more. 

According to the team, all of the changes are non-breaking and fully backwards compatible.

More details on all of the new features are available here.

Visual Studio 1.43 release
Visual Studio 1.43 has been released with search editors that search and save global search results in a full-sized editor, draggable sash corners, Linux screen reader support, minimap sizing options, and more. 

The new version also now bundles TypeScript 3.8.3, bringing support for new language features including ECMAScript private fields, top-level await expressions, and the export * as ns syntax, Microsoft explained.

The full details on the new release are available here.

Google Cloud for Student Developers 
The Google Cloud team announced a “Google Cloud for Student Developers” YouTube video series crafted specifically for the student developer audience.

Viewers will hear about the HTTP-based RESTful APIs as well as Google Apps Script, a serverless higher-level development environment that allows for automation, extension of G Suite app functionality, as well as the integration of apps with many G Suite services.

“Succeeding episodes dig deeper into the RESTful APIs as well as Apps Script, with the final pair of videos showing students full-fledged apps they can build with G Suite developer tools,” Google wrote in a blog post.

Unity acquires Artomatic for 3D technology
Unity acquired Artomatic, which uses AI to solve the hard problems of creating and scaling high-quality content. 

“ArtEngine helps game studios create realistic content for the next generation of consoles and VFX studios to achieve better visuals for films, and can enable equally impressive results for creatives working in other industries. From automotive and architecture to retail marketing and more, the demand for high fidelity design visualizations is growing at an exponential rate and will benefit from ArtEngine’s capabilities,” said Brett Bibby, chief product officer at Unity Technologies.

More details are available here.