Plutora recently announced the release of its test offering, the Test Environment Quickstart bundle. With this, Plutora hopes to simplify the approach to the DevOps transformation as well as provide a quick return on investment.

With this release, environment managers and test teams will

  • Gain visibility into their environments and stop manually tracking with spreadsheets and file sharing solutions 
  • Easily manage schedules with dashboards, automated workflows, and conflict alerts 
  • Maintain a current repository of tech specifications and details for each environment 

When working to implement this bundle, teams are partnered with Plutora to ensure success in both process and modeling. 

Kofax announces latest release of Kofax TotalAgility 

Kofax, a supplier of intelligent automation software for digital workflow transformation, unveiled the latest release of its intelligent automation platform, Kofax TotalAgility. To support this release, Kofax is also expanding its cloud capabilities, adding data centers in Australia and Europe. This addition works to provide users with greater compliance with data residency requirements.

With this release, users gain access to several new features including 

  • Enhanced artificial intelligence 
  • Improved low-code development 
  • Upgraded visibility and insights

“This release of TotalAgility is unparalleled in the marketplace in its ability to provide the essential tools needed to accelerate digital transformations and create highly efficient, responsive, organizations,” said Kathleen Delaney, chief marketing officer at Kofax.

Bugsnag adds support for Electron and Unreal Engine

Bugsnag, a SmartBear company and application stability management provider, now supports Unreal Engine and Electron. Unreal Engine is used to develop 3D games and Electron is a framework used to build cross platform desktop applications in JavaScript running on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

With this, Bugsnag now has the ability to manage the stability of games built with Unreal for Android and iOS users. Additionally, it can now monitor stability and native errors for Electron applications.

With Unreal engine and Electron support, Bugsnag offers users 

  • Increased developer productivity with automation, diagnostics, and code ownership
  • Maximized engagement and retention by prioritizing user experience 
  • Reduced technical debt and accelerated innovation 
  • Increased competitive advantage through quicker feature releases