Quick Base has announced a new way for business professionals to work with IT and test low-code applications. The new Sandbox capability enables cross-functional teams to quickly create and optimize business-critical applications without risking disruption.

Sandbox provides a place to easily collaborate with IT when making changes to new and existing workflows, while giving IT departments stronger governance through tighter control over the development process, according to the company. 

Additional details are available here.

Google Pay introduces Business Console
Google Pay’s Business Console is a new tool that streamlines the process of integrating Google Pay into apps and websites.

Users will also be able to discover resources, get support at different stages throughout their integration, and keep track of progress along the way, according to the companty.

“And this is only the beginning. As we add new features, the Business Console will be your go-to place to manage all your new and existing integrations with Google Pay, see how your integrations perform over time, and add support for other business- and developer-focused products,” Google wrote in a blog post.

Collibra raises $112.5 million for data-driven decisions
Collibra raised $112.5 million to further its Data Intelligence solution aimed at improving the quality of business decisions driven by data. The company’s total venture funding is now $345.5 million. 

Collibra’s suite of products helps organizations address a breadth of business challenges, including data privacy and protection, compliance and risk mitigation, operational efficiency and cost reduction, according to the company. 

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UiPath expands RPA certification program
UiPath extended its training platform and certification program to accelerate workforce readiness. 

The new courses include RPA Associate, which is 8the foundational certification level for all RPA job roles and RPA Advanced Developer as a second certification level. 

“UiPath is committed to investing in the workforce of the future through its UiPath Academy, which is focused on training and reskilling for the jobs of today and the jobs of tomorrow,” UiPath wrote in a post.

New tools for XML and JSON editing
The latest release of XML Spy adds several user-requested features for working with JSON and XML, as well as new functionality for debugging XPath, updated standards and database support, and more.

The new auto-backup feature in XMLSpy is great for recovering files in the event of a software or hardware crash.

Additional details are available here.