Ruby 2.6.0 is now available. The latest release introduces a new JIT (Just-In-Time) compiler, which will improve the performance of Ruby programs. The JIT compiler writes C code to disk and creates a C compiler to generate code.

It also adds a new module, RubyVM::AbstractSyntaxTree. The module features a parse method which parses a Ruby string and returns the Abstract Syntax Tree nodes of the code.

Log4j Kotlin API 1.0.0 now available
The Apache Logging Services project has announced the release of Log4j Kotlin API 1.0.0. Log4j Kotlin API provides a logging facade for Kotlin compatible with Log4j2 backend providers, the team explained.

TeamCity 2018.2.1 is now available
TeamCity 2018.2.1 is now available. According to JetBrains, the release is a bug fix update for the most recent release. Roughly 100 issues were fixed, and most of them were upgrade-related issues.

As of this release, LDAP authentication works properly and several UI were added as well. The release also addresses some performance issues with TeamCity, JetBrains explained.

Microsoft consolidates the Azure Developer certification path
Starting tomorrow, Microsoft will begin to consolidate the Azure Developer certification path from two exams into one. The company has stated that it determined that the skills needed to become an Azure developer can be assumed by other skills being tested, and two exams are no longer necessary.

“Ultimately, we have simplified your path to certification—now you only need to take one exam. And that exam focuses on the most important skills that you need to be a Microsoft Certified Azure Developer,” Microsoft wrote in a post.